Help. New user how to use gift card


Purchased a gift card for Tesco. Where do I find code to show at checkout?


Most gift cards show on your dashboard on app but with Tesco in order to see the barcode you need to open via browser rather than app x


Thank you. I did open in browser but could not see a barcode.


Have you managed to locate it now? It should be under giftcard on dashboard?


Sorry to be a pain Katy. But have been to boom.vo looked in dashboard and only directing me to Tesco site to purchase


Have found my gift card. But no barcode only a transaction number.


Katy I have found my gift card but there is no barcode only a transaction number.


There will be a barcode if go via browser (web rather than app) what device are you looking on? X


I am using Samsung s9 I will try and access on my laptop. I found my gift card but only had a transaction number I went on

Using firefox browsers. Will keep trying though. Thank you so much for your prompt replies.

Sheila Batty.


No worries, if if you continue having issues it may be worth contacting for further assistance. X


And also remember if you switch devices or even just from app to browser or via link such as in email you need to log in each switch or it’s just the standard home page you will see not your own xx